Pattycake en masse

Who doesn’t know how to play Pattycake?? It’s one of those things that all children seem to do in the schoolyard – elaborate hand clapping routines with a partner accompanied by rhyming chants or songs. I certainly knew a whole bunch of them and…



Colombine Redux

We remounted our staged production Colombine’s Paradise Theatre two weeks ago for two shows only: one at our beloved MCA in Chicago and the other as a season opener for the Miller Theatre in New York. Ellen McSweeney writes in New Music Box: “Only…



World Premiere of John Luther Adams’ SILA: The Breath of the World

Pulitzer Prize winning composer John Luther Adams has released the video to his latest performance, called Sila: The Breath of the World. On July 25th 2014, a crowd of over two thousand people gathered in Lincoln Center’s Hearst Plaza to watch the pulitzer prize…



New Digs!

  It’s finally happened. After years of talking and searching, we officially moved into our new studio space last week and spent the better part of the week getting it organized and functioning. We’re not that far from our former Ravenswood studio, but we’ve…



Sila at Lincoln Center Out of Doors

  We took a break last weekend from our regularly scheduled vacation to descend upon Lincoln Center Plaza for the world premiere of John Luther Adams’ Sila.  The experience of tuning in (literally) not just to faraway pitches, but to my breath and the breath of so many other people,…



Guest Post: Katrina Leshan

  My first memory of new music comes from age 19. I was in Caruth Auditorium at my alma mater Southern Methodist University, and a group of six musicians I had never heard of had won the Meadows Prize: a $10,000 year-long residency at…



8bb plays the sidewalk with David Lee Csicsko and Michael Ward-Bergeman

  Today we had a long rehearsal with Michael Ward-Bergeman on our rep for our Millennium Park concert this Thursday at 6:30. In between Michael’s entertaining stories about his Gig365 project, we got a little education on the Big Easy and the tradition of…



The Unexpected: 2014

Tomorrow we join forces with the other two companies of our Creative Partners team, Lucky Plush Productions and Blair Thomas & Co., at the Dance Center of Columbia College. It’ll be a one-of-a-kind event celebrating the second year of our exciting development partnership, with…




  Indoor mini-golf. Arcade games. And black light. Need I say more?? This is the outing our fun-loving staff planned for eighth blackbird’s end of season romp. Fabulous Founding Violinist Matt Albert (herein referred to as FFV) was also in town and joined us for…



Civic Orchestra Residency

  Last week we served up some hometown love by spending two days with Chicago’s own Civic Orchestra. Our first day was rough on our parts, having taken an early morning flight back from Cleveland and spending just enough time at home to drop…

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