Sofia Gubaidulina

  Last Sunday we had the privilege of premiering Die Pilger by Sofia Gubaidulina for Contempo, and we were doubly honored by her presence in Chicago and at our rehearsals. With several timpani, a gazillion gongs, glock, vibes and marimba, we had both Matthew…



Paradise Picturebook

  Yes, we were in Hawaii. But as a courtesy to all of you, I waited until I was back in sub-freezing temperatures to post pictures. So, please, no hate – we’re freezing now, too.  We started off in Honolulu and worked with students…



From Winter Storm Linus to the Pineapple Express

We were so traumatized by the deep freeze of Chicago that even the torrential rains of the Pineapple Express delighted us.  I very reluctantly left my winter coat at home and shivered my way to O’Hare, only to step out at Sea-Tac to discover that…



digging out

  I was feeling pretty smug watching New Englanders (my dad) get hit last week with 30 inches in some places, but then we got our comeuppance in a major way. The past couple days brought the fifth-largest blizzard to ever hit Chicago, with…



awesome, funny, and different

We were at University of Michigan for the past few days, giving talks and seminars and hanging out with students. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a bigger school – the campus was overwhelming and the sheer amount of people dizzying. But all…




  Our first travels of the new year took us to Matthew’s old stomping grounds, Interlochen Center for the Arts, during some of the coldest temperatures we’ve ever experienced. The day after we arrived the mercury fell to -17 degrees. It was certainly beautiful,…



From Hardanger fiddles to In C

  We spent the last week in Philly, starting with an initial workshop with Dan Trueman and Iarla Ó Lionaird to run through some sketches of what will eventually be our collaborative work entitled Ólagon. They brought some custom tweeters, a keyboard, and a…



Murphy’s Law

Last Friday we drove four and a half hours in the morning from Richmond to Davidson, North Carolina, to play a concert that night. Little did we know what we had waiting in store for us… First, as we got ready to start our…




  Our visit to the College of William and Mary happened to coincide with fall’s most spectacular colors, set against the bucolic backdrop of Colonial Williamsburg.  It’s a place I’ve been wanting to visit for years, so it’s quite serendipitous that we came at…



Hello Kitty

We spent the past two days performing in and absorbing the strange, wonderful new sounds of the Third Practice Electroacoustic Music Festival at University of Richmond. This is my fourth year experiencing the festival and this was the best yet. We contributed an entire…

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