36 Hours in Genoa

Hours 1-12:

Arrive in Genoa after a 2.5-hour drive from Linate airport in Milan. Miss all the scenery on the drive because of unconsciousness. Check into hotel and venture out into the sunny afternoon in search of espresso and non-caffeinated sustenance. Succeed with espresso, fail with food. Run back into hotel to get more clothes – it’s incredibly windy and cold despite the 60 degrees. Wander around, realizing everything is closed on Sunday afternoon except the 24-hr supermarket and one bar-cafe in the median of a boulevard. Head into that bar and revive with apericena: aperol spritzes, basket of crisps, foccacia, polenta and various salads. Return to supermarket to get breakfast fixings and 3am second dinner (NOT adjusting to the time zone). Drop off supermarket haul (rotisserie chicken, Pringles, amaretti), check email/FaceTime with family, and head out to Il Genovese for delicious dinner. Return to hotel and watch the Oscars with Italian dubbing and finally fall asleep at 4am after second dinner.

Hours 12-24: 

Wake up in the afternoon in time to shower and meet the van to the venue. Sigh with relief when met with carafe of espresso and plenty of sparkling water at the gorgeous venue. Run into a slight problem with our 120v globe lights and 220v European power, which immediately blows out the lights (N.B. next time must use transformer, not just adaptor). Stage crew is confident we can get new ones, but not until right before concert (everything closes from ~2:30-7pm in Italy). Rehearse, drink espresso, get dinner next door, return to check globe lights (thumbs up), play concert at 9pm. Acknowledge Fjóla Evans, who came from Amsterdam to see the Italian premiere of her piece Eroding. Go to pizzeria/karaoke bar after concert for tubs of fries and four pesto pizzas.  Spend a couple of hours chatting over wine while listening to very enthusiastic and drunk karaoke performers sing their hearts out.

Hours 24-36:

Sleep for 1.5 hours after returning from karaoke bar. Wake up in time to shower and meet van back to Linate airport. Again, miss all the scenery because of unconsciousness. Almost leave instrument in restaurant at Dublin airport during layover because of unconsciousness. Watch RBG on the airplane as well as three other movies you can’t remember, and cry during every one. 

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