8bb plays the sidewalk with David Lee Csicsko and Michael Ward-Bergeman

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Today we had a long rehearsal with Michael Ward-Bergeman on our rep for our Millennium Park concert this Thursday at 6:30. In between Michael’s entertaining stories about his Gig365 project, we got a little education on the Big Easy and the tradition of the music: “It’s more important how you’re feeling than what you’re playing.” (He also showed off the unlucky fly he killed with his accordion, which is amazingly still intact after several years.) We’ve got a very exciting program lined up, all having to do with love, murder, the Big Easy, and Steve Reich. It’ll make sense, I promise.

To show our enthusiasm for this collaboration, we staged a guerrilla performance outside the Cultural Center, with David Lee Csicscko doing a live rendering of his limited edition eighth blackbird poster on the sidewalk in neon chalk. Michael played some previews of his works to be performed on Thursday just across the street, accompanied by a standing Nick on cello and Lisa on the tambourine. We even brought a cardboard cutout of eighth blackbird, which was super popular with the passersby. Too bad no one brought a hat…

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