8bb’s response to the economic crisis


(As usual, watch in “HD” if you can!)

Desperate measures in harsh economic times?

Fortunately, no. Our Swingle Singers-like rendition of several songs from Pierrot Lunaire came about during a cue-to-cue (lighting rehearsal), in advance of last night’s studio concert at Chicago’s wonderfully unkempt Viaduct Theater. Lucy Shelton (our renowned prima donna) and Elyssa Dole (our prima ballerina) needed aural cues (so they could be in the right place at the right time), and so, without our instruments at hand, we resorted to some increasingly eccentric scat singing. My favorite moment? The ephemeral flutter of the song Raub (“Robbery”), during which the quartet sang every breathless, breakneck-speed 64th-note on the word “raub!”  (This was unfortunately not captured on film!)

The studio concert was a well attended and mostly very well executed run of our brand spanking new Pierrot production. Due to the fact that we spin, whir, sneak, embrace and drag chairs for much of the piece, it’s impossible for us to have an objective opinion about the production, which received its first-ever run-through during last night’s performance. So audience reaction becomes fascinating, frustrating and crucial. We talked to lots of people about almost every conceivable aspect of this quite abstract reading of the almost 100-year-old melodrama, and have a lot of data to mull over before the public premiere at the Ojai Festival in less than a month. Happily, we’ve received lots of positive comments so far, and, just as important, our rather frazzled, stressed-out director seemed very happy with what we have acheived!

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