Big Sky

We spent the last few days in the winter wonderland that is Bozeman and Big Sky, Montana. To say it’s gorgeous there doesn’t begin to capture the natural beauty that Montanans are fortunate enough to behold every day. It had just snowed quite a bit, and the landscape looked like the most perfect Bob Ross painting – in a good way. The trees were all sugar-dusted with snow and the roofs of buildings had picture-perfect meringue coatings. It never got messy or dirty like it does in Chicago. 

We played a concert at our beloved former board member Dennis Wentz’s home in Bozeman with the stipulation that it was tight on space and we couldn’t fit our usual setup in his living room. So we programmed an evening of duos and solos and ended with Peter Garland’s And the Days Run Away, for which we sprinkled ourselves in various locations around the house. The people were lively, the food was abundant and delicious, the bartender generous,  and it was a wonderful evening for all involved.

We visited with students at Montana State University for a couple of Q&A sessions and an open rehearsal, where we slogged through a new piece on our acoustic touring program for the first time. It doesn’t get more real than that – turning on the metronome, stopping every few bars, generally messing up a lot – and I think it’s really eye-opening for students to see how the sausage is made. 

The Big Sky Resort is a generous sponsor of the series, so we were put up there, where the bellhops are dressed in chaps and cowboy hats, and very cute young children clomped around in ski boots. It was a unique setting to celebrate Nick’s birthday, which we did over cocktails at one of the resort restaurants.  We performed at the Warren Miller Performing Arts Center to a sold-out hall.  They have this hilarious box that serves as the audience survey: take a penny from the tray and drop it behind the corresponding face of how you felt about the concert. I think we were about 50-50 frowney face and smiley face.  

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