blogging blackbirds

We have made it, better late than never, to the brave, not-so-new world of the weblog.Here you will find news about the group, behind the scenes action, reviews of concerts (positive and positively negative), geeky music talk, random comments about food and links to cool music sites. Check back regularly – the blog will be updated several times each week.

As the new and excitable upstart in the group, I will be Main Blog Man, but there will be frequent comments from Alb (‘Where you can find Starbucks in Iowa’), Mac (‘The gay rodeo circuit in Illinois’), the Kap (’24 die in Richmond chicken slaughter!’), Phot (‘Trends in American beer consumption’) and Duv (‘How I became venue load-out world record holder’).

Please post comments – let us know whether you love the blog or hate it, whether you’d like a sprinkling more of this or a truckload less of that – and check out the rest of our website for more information on us ‘friendly and unpretentious’ folks.

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