Chaos Hands

June 26, 2021 @ 2:00 PM

Chicago Artists Workshop Presents

chaos hands

Special time – 2:00pm CT

Chaos Hands is a trio that encompasses genre-bending and discipline-defying in every sense of the word. Their live performance is a mix of improvisation, through-composed material, and pre-recorded triggers. Everything created by Chaos Hands is based on pillars of trust, letting go and experimentation. All voices in the ensemble play and equal role in the development of the pieces. Each member lives in a separate continent, which means the material is passed from one to another as it is being developed. Our original compositions are heavily influenced by Berlin & Detroit Techno, drum and bass, Bjork, Jon Hopkins, Sophie, Arca, and Avant-Garde film.

Allison Wright, sound artist

Nicole Patrick, drums

Xuan, visuals