Happy Trails, Tim!

The time has come for us to officially say goodbye to our beloved Tim. Though he’s traipsing the world doing Tim-fabulous things, he will still call Chicago home, which is an immense relief to us. We’ll all be keeping close tabs on him over at www.timothymunro.com. Bookmark it. Memorize it. Tattoo it on your palm. There are too many things we will miss about Tim, most of all his musical contributions to eighth blackbird over the past nine years. I speak for myself here, but I know my colleagues will agree that his presence immeasurably shaped and broadened the group’s personality. But that’s not all. Of a long list of slightly less important things we will miss about Tim, here are the top five:

  1. his accent
  2. his T-shirts
  3. watching him watch Berlin Philharmonic online
  4. drinking beer with him
  5. making him fetch things in high places

I asked him what some of his favorite eighth blackbird memories were, as well as what he will and won’t miss:

  1. scarfing down dinner in 10 minutes between two full, crazy, memorized shows back-to-back in Ann Arbor –  ending at after midnight

  2. playing my first New York show (after driving 14 hours through the snow in the 8bb van…those were the days! Oh, and we stayed at Hotel Leo, a Catholic “hotel” with crucifixes above the twin bed…). Actually, EVERY New York show. The allure will never wear off for me…

  3. eating a post-dinner feast at Denny’s in Conway, Arkansas, because nowhere else was open after 9pm, and having Lisa attempt to order poached eggs (the waitress’s response: “Um, I checked, and I don’t think we have the right machine for that…”)

  4. feeling like a “proud mum” as I played with 8bb for my fam and friends in Melbourne (a one-off, “run-out” trip to Australia that lasted…four days…)

  5. my “love and hate” can be summed up in packing up percussion after a concert. It can be a marvelous debrief (“what the f*** happened in the third movmement?” “did you hear that woman in the audience SNORT?!” “quick! Who is the person walking towards me right now? I maybe know the face…”), but also a serious slog after the high of a concert. The labor certainly kept me honest – no fancy-pants attitudes allowed in 8bb!

Most importantly, though, he writes, “honestly, the thing I will most miss is the feeling of taking the stage with the five of you and, regardless of what came before, puffing up my chest with the feeling of ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL. That will be the hardest thing for me to recapture in the future.” Us, too, Tim. We miss you already, but are so happy and excited for all that lies ahead of you. You’re welcome anytime, and you’ll always get a comp. 🙂

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