Lab reunion 2.0

(Thanks to Nick Zoulek for the amazing photos in the first gallery!)

We had a whirlwind of a Lab reunion this past weekend in Chicago with 15 fellows from the 2018 Lab! With three performances in as many days, as well as an artist talk and roundtable discussion on curation, I don’t think we could’ve crammed in a minute more. 

We kicked off the weekend on Friday with a show by 2017 Lab faculty Ted Hearne and Lisa Kaplan performing songs by Ted at the experimental music venue Elastic Arts. After an intense day of rehearsing, the fellows were able to kick back and enjoy the evening of song with a delicious G&T made with Alley Twenty-Six Tonic, courtesy of 2018 Lab fellow Andrea Moore’s restauranteur-husband Shannon. 

The next morning’s event was a roundtable discussion on curation with guests Susy Bielak, Kate Dumbleton, and Seth Boustead. All three have very impressive credentials and very different career trajectories, and it was enlightening, moving and inspiring to hear them tell their individual stories. Even though they all curate in different fields, common themes were eternal curiosity, persistence, and the need for humility. 

That evening the fellows gathered at Eighth Blackbird board member Tony Scott-Green’s home for an intimate VIP concert. It was a chance to perform some of the rep for the following night’s public concert at the Ace Hotel and for some of our closest friends and donors to meet the fellows. There was no piano, but that didn’t stop Hocket (Sarah Gibson and Thomas Kotcheff) from wailing on toy pianos to great effect. ~NOIS and Nick Zoulek schooled us all on the versatility and virtuosity of saxophones, playing every sax from bass to soprano. Jake Saunders and Luke Ellard wooed us with Derek Bermel’s Coming Together, and Elly Toyoda and Andrea Moore made our souls shiver with Kamala Sankaram’s Kivalina

Sunday morning we were treated to breakfast and an artist presentation by spoken word artist J. Ivy at the William Harris Lee studio downtown. After a short introduction, he seamlessly wove the narrative of his story with performances of his poetry, some with backing track. He regaled us with stories of antics with John Legend and Jay-Z, and touched our hearts with his lifelong struggle with the absence of his father and the life-changing influence of his high-school English teacher Ms. Argue. 

Then it was straight to the Ace Hotel for soundchecking and more rehearsal in preparation for the concert that evening. We had a reception at the hotel’s restaurant City Mouse, and then headed into the venue for a delightful program of Lab highlights. Composer Gemma Peacocke and video artist Xuan collaborated on a riveting pre-show installation. There was an incredible variety of music on display, from the profound to the absurd and everything in between. 

Monday morning was mercifully free to allow everyone to recover from the nonstop playing and partying. We all met at the studios of WFMT to set up mics with Mary Mazurek and prep with Kerry Frumkin for on-air interviews. Some last-minute changes and decisions were made, Chipotle burritos scarfed down, and then we went live at 8pm. I hope some of you tuned in! 

It was a fitting denouement to the weekend, and though we all said goodbyes and dispersed to the four winds for the time being, it actually feels more like a beginning. We are looking forward to more Lab events this June with both 2017 and 2018 Lab fellows here in Chicago and Detroit, and also to more inevitable news of Lab fellows creating, collaborating and shaping the future of music. Stay tuned.

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