Museum of Contemporary Photography

Roy DeCarava, Man in Window, 1978

September 10 Eighth Blackbird had the pleasure and honor of kicking off its season with a free, public a concert on all three floors of Columbia College’s Museum of Contemporary Photography in a program responding to the provocative exhibit Go Down Moses, curated from the museum’s permanent collection by Teju Cole.

Matthew Duvall, who curated the program said this:

Teju Cole’s enveloping introspection, Go Down Moses, is a carefully
considered “program”. We often reserve that description for musical events, for a collection of compositions that carries one through time in a succession of experiences, aiming to culminate in some sort of visceral conclusion, perhaps abstract, but emotionally impactful nonetheless. Teju Cole has curated this exhibit in the way a musician sculpts a program. Starting with previously disparate pieces in the permanent collection of the Museum of Contemporary Photography, the photographs are composed by Cole into a clear structure. It is a trajectory from absence to presence, from stasis to chaos, from repose to terror. The arc is exponential, not linear, and builds with a pressure that leaves the exhausted observer to contemplate the unanswerable questions of how, and why.

Our program…

Louis Andriessen: Workers Union (1975)
Ana Roxanne: Slowness (2019) commentary by Dr. John “Planetwalker” Francis
Workers Union (continuing)
Peacocke*: Amygdala (2015) *Blackbird Creative Lab Alumna
Workers Union (continuing)
J.S. Bach, Partita in A minor for solo flute, BWV 1013: III. Sarabande (~1723)
Workers Union (completion)
Ayana Woods: Patience (2016)

…seeks to support both the literal and figurative accumulation of content.
Workers Union is the connective tissue, beginning as an estranged whisper
and concluding as something quite the opposite. The remaining repertoire is an offering specific to each gallery, mirroring the shifting perspective of the human condition. Beginning with the faceless vacuum of anatomic fields and endless highways, the performance has already started.

Nick Photinos, Zach Good, Nathalie Joachim and Matthew Duvall, MoCP, 9/10/2019

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