New faces, new spaces

 How does this always happen? We end the season, exhausted but with all sorts of ambitions to make the most of our various summer adventures, whether it’s off to teach at Bang on a Can or salmon fishing in Alaska or never getting out of bed. And then, in the blink of an eye, somehow we’re back in the studio, bashing our heads against a new wall of unfamiliar repertoire with a new flutist while an army of new faces inhabits our staff offices.

Well, okay, to be fair, some of that doesn’t always happen.  I’m glossing over some huge changes, namely our fabulous new flutist, Nathalie Joachim (read more here), who after a week or so of rehearsal already feels like family, and our new… (dramatic deep breath)… Creative Partners director, Anne Cauley, production stage manager, Madeleine Borg, business manager, Kelley Dorhauer, and new intern, Elizabeth Brown. That’s a lot of new faces for our little mom and pop storefront.

And (talk about burying the lede) we officially moved into our gallery space at the MCA! It was a crazy week. We spent Monday moving and setting up, as you can see in the pictures, then had a solid two days of rehearsal and a release party for our new CD Filament (available for pre-order NOW on iTunes, get your free track download here). We really had no idea how museum patrons would react to us, but it’s been pretty wild so far. Tuesday night was our first night, and because it’s a free day and stays open until 8pm, we had a lot of traffic. People seemed genuinely curious, bewildered, fascinated, amused, you name it. There were some who sat right down and stayed for an hour and others who only glanced at us on their way somewhere else. I won’t lie, it was hard to rehearse, not because we were uncomfortable being watched, but because of the general noise level – we’re right next to the main staircase, and the din from bustling patrons can be heard from all floors at once – and because we’re so interested in the people – it’s incredibly stimulating to see all these new faces experiencing us for the first time in such an unexpected way. I wanted to watch the people instead of my colleagues. And the next day, when the stroller tour came through, it was all but impossible to concentrate with all the cute babies and toddlers bouncing around, enjoying Child of Tree and dancing like only the incredibly young can.

All in all, it’s been a very auspicious and exciting peek into what’s in store for us and the museum patrons for the next ten months or so. Our rehearsal schedule is posted monthly here. Please drop by and say hello – we don’t mind interruptions! We’ll be in Poland next week, but the galleries always stay activated with immersive video and audio, as well as the Child of Tree installation that you can explore.

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