olagón IRL

Last weekend we did something unprecedented. We brought to life an album that we recorded without ever performing live. In fact, before we heard the first edits for the album, none of us had even heard the music in its entirety. The recording process spurred artistic decisions – some additions here, some subtractions there, a little inspired improv here – and only some of those got written down. So when we got together to rehearse, half of it was just figuring out how we were going to play the darn show IRL.

But where there’s a (collective) will, there’s a way. We couldn’t have put together a dreamier team for this project, starting with our multi-talented composer and programmer-extraodinaire, Dan Trueman. I honestly do not know how he managed to play two instruments and a million computer cues at the same time, but he did it without breaking a sweat. He also handled every possible glitch with his invented instrument that Lisa played, the bitKlavier. And then there’s Iarla, whose voice could melt anyone’s heart, running around stage while singing Paul Muldoon’s macaronic verse in Dan’s complicated rhythms, all while looking incredibly suave and collected. Add a healthy dose of Mark, our longtime collaborator, friend, and sometime psychotherapist, who had a vision of the gorgeous show and somehow managed to convince us all to execute it, and you have the beginnings of an amazing show.

After a week of working at a breakneck pace, we spent every possible minute in the theater drilling, refining, rehearsing, and panicking. We honestly could have used two more weeks, but that is a luxury none of us could afford. I’m reminded of a passage in Tina Fey’s book, Bossypants, in which she talks about how “the show doesn’t go on because it’s ready; it goes on because it’s 11:30.”

We’re doing the show two more times this season: at Princeton in February and at Richmond in March, which means two more chances to make it even better. Please come see it if you can – I guarantee it’s like nothing else you’ve ever seen…even for us.

A huge thanks to Barbara Butts, our intrepid Production Manager, the crew at Victory Gardens, and to our staff, especially Justin Peters. None of this could have happened without you!

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