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Kotche premiered Anomaly with Kronos Quartet at the 25th Anniversary San Francisco Jazz Festival in 2007. Fittingly, the piece’s seven movements serve as the connective tissue that binds Adventureland into a cohesive whole. From the wild ride of Triple Fantasy (an ingeniously spliced suite of performances by Kronos Quartet and Chicago’s Eighth Blackbird, embellished with various field recordings) to the playfully pop-like gamelan arrangement of The Traveling Turtle, the recording maps an intense and fertile period of growth in Kotche’s artistic vision. It’s capped off by the chilling, at times even macabre five-part piece The Haunted (for “two pianos vs. percussion”), which features Lisa Kaplan, Doug Perkins, Matthew Duvall and Yvonne Lam. “I called this Adventureland because besides being something that’s fun, it’s also kind of weird and mysterious, and at the same time scary and intimidating,” Kotche explains. “It’s a confluence of new territory that I’m trying to figure out and navigate, and by approaching it as who I am-as a drummer, a percussionist-that’s where I do have an original voice, and I do have something to say.”

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