Chicago Artists Workshop

Eighth Blackbird introduces the Chicago Artists Workshop, a vehicle to support and promote the creation and performance of new experimental work by artists connected to Chicago.

Not all artists have the space and resources that Eighth Blackbird has. That’s why throughout 2017, and subsequent years to follow, Eighth Blackbird will provide Workshop participants with promotional, logistical, and production support; including use of the ensemble’s rehearsal space, access to a wide array of instruments and audio/video equipment, and use of the organization’s marketing infrastructure. This effectively provides artists with the same tools the ‘Birds use in creating their work. The Eighth Blackbird studio will be made available for public works-in-progress performances. Finally, Workshop Artists will participate in a combined public performance at various Chicago institutions, such as Comfort Station (a multi-disciplinary arts space in Chicago’s Logan Square). Eighth Blackbird staff will aid these artists in securing additional performances in the Chicagoland area throughout their varying residency periods.

Eighth Blackbird aims to support and enhance the vastly talented local artistic community in Chicago, by sharing the ensemble’s resources.

2017 Chicago Artists Workshop Residents