Music for 18 Musicians

Steve Reich’s “Music for 18 Musicians” is an event, a monumental, pulsating, mesmerizing musical event. Eighth Blackbird joins forces with Third Coast Percussion for a tour of Reich’s modern masterpiece, in celebration of the legendary composer’s 80th birthday. Perhaps the collective influences of West African, Balinese, and jazz traditions are what have made “Music of 18” resonate so deeply with audiences around the world throughout the four decades since its premiere; perhaps it’s the hypnotic undulations, the seamless weavings of sonic threads over the hour-long journey. Though it may not be possible to pinpoint what makes “Music for 18” such a compelling work, one certainty is how earnestly it has been embraced and imitated by generations of popular, jazz and classical musicians. Click here to see Eighth Blackbird perform “Music for 18 Musicians” with Third Coast Percussion, along with Reich’s tour-de-force, “Sextet” at University of Michigan.