We returned to this lovely school a couple weeks ago to do a workshop and composer reading and were just as impressed with the students as before, if not more. It was uncharacteristically cold for March, which is to say it was very pleasant for a Chicagoan, but the trees were already in full bloom. We did our goals and visioning workshop in the beautiful new library, challenging the students to come up with their core values and purpose in 90 minutes. Some of them had obviously given it much thought already. Others, maybe not so much. One pianist told me that her real passion in life was forensic medicine. You don’t hear that too often from music students – usually it’s the other way around. After all, no one really chooses to be a struggling musician if it’s not your calling, right? Whether that was an actual discovery or just a confession, I’m not sure, but you better believe I encouraged her to pursue what she loves, or at least find a way to incorporate it into her career.

We did some masterclasses for chamber groups, one of which is starting to establish itself and experimenting with commissions by fellow students and group improv.┬áThen we did a recording session of seven composer pieces, all in one afternoon. All delightful pieces and so different – a lot of talent on display and a pleasure to provide something that helps them in a tangible way! Above is the picture of exhausted us with who we hope are happy composers. Perhaps next time we’ll break it up over a couple of days…

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