Watch us win/lose at the Grammys

After much to-ing and fro-ing, wailing and gnashing of teeth, consulting far and wide, we decided several weeks ago that we wouldn’t attend the 50th Grammy Awards, held tomorrow in Los Angeles.

We might not be there, but YOU CAN, thanks to the mind-blowing wonders of modern technology. Although it won’t be telecast, the politely-named Pre-telecast Awards ceremony (aka. “The bits that nobody cares about, mostly involving classical music”) will be webcast live here, beginning at 4pm EST. (That’s 7am Oz time, mum and dad.)

Picture all of us, holed up in someone’s room in the Wyndham Hotel, Pittsburgh PA (where we are playing a concert Monday night, as part of the illustrious Chamber Music Society series), gathered around computers, drinking beer, tell dirty jokes, biting our nails.

But, um, of course it is a honor just to be nominated.

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